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Create a holistic business integrating clinical aromatherapy for a standout transformational brand starting..NOW 

March 16-19, 2022 2:00pm EST/7:00pm GMT

Transformational Coaches to Holistic Champions Workshop 

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Transformational Coaches


Holistic Champions
Aromatherapy & Business Building Workshop

March 16-19, 2022
2:00pm EST/7:00pm GMT


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Coaches Just Like You, LOVE this Workshop

Integrate essential oils to complement your holistic practice.  

Essential oils provide potent plant chemistry that supports nearly every system of the body. They are an ideal companion for any practitioner looking to create a holistic result for their clients. It is an amazing element in a specialized signature offer.

If you want to learn how to become an expert at using essential oils and incorporating them into your business, you will love this live educational experience.

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Learn How To...


Intensify Transformation With Your Clients

If you are a coach who wants more transformation for your clients then this workshop is for you. You will discover how plant chemistry delivered through essential oils is the ideal complement to your coaching practice and will create transformations on a deeper level.


Discover What You Want to Be Known For 

As a coach you know what you do, but does your audience? What are you known for? You will learn principles that can help you to find your specific niche so you can start to attract your ideal audience....month after month

Clearly Explain Why Clients Should Work With You

Create a connection with your audience by clearly explaining to them how you can help them reach their end goal. 

Attract Your Ideal Audience By Finding Your Brand Voice 

Broaden your reach by finding and clarifying your unique brand voice.

Educating vs Selling 

Say goodbye to the dreaded icky, awkward sells and embrace our approach of education that leads to increased client conversion ending in a meaningful and full holistic business. 

Meet Your Instructor   

Income not reflecting your skill as a holistic coach? You are not alone! Many coaches and holistic business owners are earning well below their potential. Confused, frustrated and wondering how to move the dial on their business.

I know the formula that is unique to holistic practitioners. I'm Renee Hughes, Certified Professional Coach, Aromatherapist and Holistic Coach Mentor. Holistic professionals come to me for growth in their holistic business with organic, heart-centered business building techniques.

Infuse more joy into your business, help more people with transformation, and work with clients that you adore...every month!

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Meet Holistic Champion Alumni 

The transformation for our students started with a workshop just like this one. See how they have grown into impactful brands.

We help our students work with clients they adore by teaching heart-centered messaging. They learn to speak to the heart of their ideal client. We help them create a signature offer that includes aromatherapy to create lasting transformation and we help them create their own personal road-map to 6 figures. 

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 Build a 6 Figure Holistic Coaching Practice with Aromatherapy & Mastering Magnetic Messaging

March 16-19, 2022
2:00pm EST/7:00pm GMT


*Please note that those who register for our workshop are eligible for CEUs- Continued Education Units.


Transformational Coaches to Holistic Champions Workshop 

Create a holistic business integrating clinical aromatherapy for a standout transformational brand starting..NOW
March 16-19, 2022 2:00pm EST/7:00pm GMT

Hear From Some of Our Graduates


"Thank you for everything, this has been a life-changing journey."
Janice Hagans- Higgins, M.Ed., LPCC-S


Janice came to us as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Licensed Practical Nurse. We helped her to move into coaching and expertly integrate aromatherapy for her clients dealing with trauma and brain injuries.  She was thrilled with the results as her clients experienced the most significant results to date!


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"With my business right now, I am having major success."
Keosha Jones-Pink Productivity


As a Productivity Coach, Keosha wanted to create a program that would support her distracted clients holistically. She developed the AromaFocus program and the Finish What You Start Workshop. Embracing her new skills as an Essential Oils Specialists and Holistic Champion she now has tools to intensify her clients results and they are loving every minute of it.

"I feel more confident in my business and in using essential oils working with clients."
Dr. Sheila Johnson, Holistic Lifestyle Coach


When Shelia joined Holistic Champions she needed support on a signature offer for her clients, she now serves women holistically as they design a brand new lifestyle of health and joy beyond retirement.



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