5 Elements to A Joyful Aromatherapy Business, Course or Practice 


A 2-day interactive Masterclass to turn your aromatherapy knowledge into a successful holistic practice, coaching program or online course. Create an environment where your clients will thrive and you'll LOVE going to "work".

May 25-26, 2022 2:00pm EST


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This Masterclass will help you to fill in the missing pieces that will make your practice, program or course a massive success...without being salesy

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Professionals Just Like You, LOVE our events

We are here to help your dreams become a reality.   

Building a business alone can be very rewarding and creativley fulfilling. However, do you sometimes wish you had someone to help you through the tough spots?

Our team will guide you through all the "to do" steps of this Masterclass so that you can get these important things checked off your list and get that much closer to having the business of your dreams. 

Together, we've build a brand that is transforming lives nearly on a daily basis and now, we are bringing that heart and expertise right to your home. We'll see you soon!

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*Please note that those who register for our workshop are eligible for CEUs- Continued Education Units.


2-Day, 90-min Masterclass Recording

$97 USD - Early Bird Pricing*

You'll Learn How To

  • Enjoy a profitable business without the "icky" feeling of sales

  • Be confident your offer or service is exactly what your audience needs and wants

  • Create a consistent flow of clients who love their experience with you and naturally refer their friends

  • Get excited about your business again and feel confident for your present and future in Aromatherapy!

  • Spread the word about your business with joy and confidence even if you hate marketing

This Masterclass is valued at $1050 (Actual cost of working with us for 1.5 hours, 2 days)

*Price increases to $197 on May 24, 2022

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 Is The Investment Really Worth It?


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Case Studies

Our students and alumni are already creating impact! Meet a few...  

" I am really enjoying having a supportive community of like-minded women who spur me on.. and provide direction, encouragement and support"

Calandra Farley, Oral Health Coach  

Calandra is a superstar Oral Health Coach! She's successfully integrating essential oils into her practice and masterfully taking imperfect action. Through our educational and supportive and community, she is creating a magnetic brand. Check her out here!

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"This well-rounded program is EXACTLY what I needed... I have truly grown into who I see myself being after this program! 
Amy Robinson, Confidence & Trauma Aware Coach


Amy is a successful Trama and Confidence Coach. We gave her the tools she needed to expand her capacity and mindset and grow as a coach so that she could scale her business to 6 figures and beyond. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates and times?

The dates for the masterclass are May 25th and 26th, 2022 at 2:00 pm EST each day. 

How is this different from our previous workshops?

Unlike our other workshops, this exclusive masterclass is specifically to teach you the five elements for a profitable holistic practice, coaching program, or online course. This masterclass is interactive and full of actionable items that you'll now be able to check off your list for your business quarter. 

Click here to get an overview of our masterclasses.

What is the venue for this workshop?

It's virtual! We're bringing it to you on Zoom. 

What if I'm selling essential oils or a product will this class help?

Yes! Our Masterclasses are primarily designed for coaches, online course creators and holistic practitioners. However, the principles we teach work with any holistic based business because we teach business owners how to reach the heart of their audience with authenticity. 

Will there be homework?

Yes! Before we even start the class, you'll have actionable items to complete and that will continue throughout the 2 days. You're going to love how your business looks and feels after 2 days of working with us.