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5 Steps to Launch A Joyful Aromatherapy Business

May 25-26, 2022
2:00pm EST

This Masterclass Will Help YouTo...


Develop intimacy with your audience

Deep connection with the people that you serve is what makes the difference between earning income and creating impact. Your business will not only be profitable but deeply satisfying for you and your clients.

Conduct Valuable Market Research

Discover what your audience really needs. You might be surprised that the actual pain points are different from what you've been communicating. Clarity in this area moves your support to being something that is nice to have to one that is essential.

Communicate with warmth, strength and confidence

Your clients need to feel safe and cared for in the space you are creating for them, this requires a very special blend of warmth, strength and confidence. You'll learn how to do this masterfully.

Create a signature offer

Now that you are clear on what your audience needs you now need to put your solution in a comprehensive and irresistible offer. This can be an online course, in person workshop, coaching program or holistic practice. We will touch on all these options during the class.

Get in front of your audience and spread the word

We'll touch on several ways you can get in front of your ideal audience and spread the word about your amazing solutions. You'll learn to do this in a way that feels authentic because it is!


*Please note that those who register for our workshop are eligible for CEUs- Continued Education Units.


2-Day, 90-min Masterclass Admission

$97 USD- Early Bird Pricing*

You'll Learn How To

  • Develop intimacy with your audience

  • How to conduct market research that will boost profitability

  • Learn how to communicate with prospective clients to make them happy, paying, loyal client

  • Create a signature offer that you and your clients are all light up about!

  • Get in front of your audience and spread the word

    This Masterclass is valued at $1050

 *Price increases to $197 on May 24, 2022

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