The Mood Makeover Method ®
Experience the best mood of your life.

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Get ready to smile on the inside! 
This method confronts a bad mood at different levels - chemistry, negative thought loops, unhealthy habits, and the inability to feel gratitude. Making this method powerful at rewiring the mind and mood

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I designed this method to get results at the deepest levels  

I'm Renèe Hughes, Certified professional aromatherapist, Certified natural health consultant and founder of The Mood Makeover Method™. 

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Perfect for Rewiring Challenging Relationships, Stoping The Feeling of Constant Loneliness & Calming an Irritable Soul.

If you are feeling lonely even when surrounded by people, irritated for reasons you can't remember or really low energy and can’t seem to shake it – The Mood Makeover Method can help you reset, rewire and repair with plant chemistry and a system to nourish the good stuff and and release the bad.

Through our Mood Makeover Method, we teach how to achieve emotional balance and build flourishing relationships. You'll be more creative, have more courage, laugh harder and love with ease and purpose.

We CANNOT wait to get started!

The Mood Makeover Method- Experience the best mood of your life


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Most begin to feel better and let go of negative emotions right there during the event. It will be a turning point in your life and we can't wait to get started!